Temple Mount

Temple Mount, in my opinion, is one of the most professional-sounding songs I was able to produce in my old studio setup. It’s also the first song written (somewhat) with a purpose in mind. After having a radio show for a while, it seemed like a good idea to have an actual theme for my show. That being said, the inspiration for this song is probably from a remix of “Now We Know” by Hawkeye, which was used as an opening song in one of my first mixes for the program, as it had that kind of “radio news show theme” sound. In the end, though, Temple Mount ended up not sounding much like it – the closest comparison I could make is with some of the electronic sounds found in 80’s New Wave music. As for the name, I composed this music shortly after seeing “Black Hawk Down,” and had initially wanted to name it Mogadishu (in reference to “Madagascar” by Art of Trance, arguably one of the best electronic songs in existence) but decided against it. I finally decided to name it Temple Mount in reference to the horrendous violence that was occurring in the Middle East at the time. After all, if people listened to electronic music instead of blow each other up, wouldn’t the world be a much better place?

Fun Fact: Temple Mount was the intro music to my broadcast radio show, Life to a Beat (on KZSC Radio), for most of its broadcast run.


My Song

I almost wanted to call this track “Mr. Garage Band Demo Song.” Because, in essence, that’s what this is – a cool demo of me basically “playing around” and trying out all of the different features of Apple’s excellent looper/synth/sequencer, GarageBand. Instead, I decided on the name “My Song,” as this is the default track name assigned by GarageBand… still, despite that, this is still quite an original compilation, and definitely has a distinct “digint” feel to it.

This project was actually done in a number of sessions over the course of a couple of months – mainly because when I got up to 4 tracks of audio, my old computer didn’t have the juice to support any more, so I picked it up again when my new comp arrived. In terms of influences, I guess I was going for a slightly experimental-ambient sound, with maybe a slighty Bassic kind of sound… it definitely ended up in my usual experimental style, though.

If you listen closely, you’ll notice quite a few of Apple’s “stock” loops in this piece… although probably with some sounds you haven’t heard out of GarageBand before. This is because a number of the sounds are sampled from the excellent Green Oak Crystal audiounit synth. At any rate, I definitely like the ambience and ever-changing nature of this piece… this piece may not be for everyone, as it has its dissonant spots (ah, who am I kidding? If you’ve gotten through some of my other music, I’m sure you can handle this), but I find that I have this urge to play it over and over again…

I was originally going to post the first, slightly rougher version, but I decided to go back in and clean up a few spots before I posted the “re-tuned” release.